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Revolution Physical Therapy is a modern-day physical therapy practice, with an individualized treatment approach geared towards helping you return to what it is that you enjoy the most. Whether it be professional athletics, weekend warriors, or maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

At Revolution Physical Therapy you will maintain treatment one on one with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy ensuring that you receive excellent care with the most relevant evidenced-based treatments. Other physical therapy clinics may rely on the quantity of patients they can see, however by utilizing our model of care you are able to achieve your goals much quicker. Revolution Physical Therapy's only objective is to help reach your goals of performing and feeling your absolute best. We utilize a variety of treatment techniques based off of your individual needs including manual therapy, recovery, and corrective exercises to truly maximize your potential.

We do not settle for less than excellence, so why should you? If you are looking to make a change and improve your overall function, we cannot wait to connect with you!

“For the past seven years, I have been struggling with upper hamstring pain. I've gone to at least three orthopedic surgeons, had four PRP injections, 3 MRI's and consulted over twelve physical therapist. All of them telling me that my hamstring was torn. After struggling with pain for this long, I was grateful when I was finally referred to Tyson. He was the first person to finally identify the pain that was actually emanating from my back.....I am so grateful to him.”

— Nupur Talwar, Patient

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